Suniye Fatima Aur Kanwar Ki Love Story

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Date: 2017.11.27

Beschreibung: Suniye Fatima Aur Kanwar Ki Love Story

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Host: The enigmatic and charismatic Fahad Mustafa. Theme: A show like no other, where the fun never stops and the prizes just keep on coming. A thrilling segment based game show, with twists and turns beyond imagination. With excitement and riches around every corner, conducted in front of the Live audiences, where almost all of the crowd will not go home empty handed. In addition to the Live audiences prizes will also be given to those lucky viewers who join in through Live phone calls. Watch ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ Friday & Sunday at 7: 30 pm only on ARY Digital. Pochen Apni Laadli Se Yea Kis Se Milne Gayi Thi Andriod App: IOS App. Zard Zamano Ka Sawera Episode 01 – 2nd December 2017 only on ARY Digital Official YouTube Channel. Never judge somebody’s character based on the words of another. Rubab is an innocent girl, who along with her family lives with her uncle after the death of her father. Her aunt and her cousins hate her and always try to create problems in her life. Her cousin is a drug addict who was caught red-handed and puts all the blame on Rubab. She creates a scenario where everybody believes Rubab as the culprit. Meer is a police inspector, who investigates this case and does not believe Rubab. Nobody supports Rubab except her sister Sajjal, who is as innocent as her sister and faces the same problem as her sister does. Meer marries Rubab, purely arranged and finds out that his wife is the same girl, who was caught for drugs and starts hating her even more. Another character of the drama, Aly, who is a rich man and in love with Sajjal. Sajjal’s aunt wishes Aly to marry her daughter but he finally marries her. On the other hand, Meer starts to investigate Rubab’s case again with Aly’s assistance to find whether his wife is innocent or not. Will they ever know that Rubab is innocent? To find out watch “Zard Zamanon Ka Savera” only on ARY Digital. Director: Shahood Alvi Writer: Nabila Abar Raja CAST: Komal Aziz, as Rubab Hira Tareen, as Sajal Shehroz Sabzwari, as Meer Asad Siddiqui, as Aly Sajida Syed, Simi Pasha, Sabahat Bukhari, Munawer Saeed, Iqra Faiz, Behroz Sabzwari, Haroon Gul and Others. Watch ‘Zard Zamano Ka Sawera’ Every Saturday at 9: 00 pm only on ARY Digital. Andriod App: IOS App.

Meraas Episode 01 - 7th December 2017 only on ARY Digital Official YouTube Channel. Money cannot buy happiness, Meraas is ARY digital’s exclusive drama serial based upon one of the biggest problems of society, “patrimony” and its effects. Sawera Nadeem plays the character of Jahan Aara, is a single woman, who has a dominant personality and rules over her family because she owns all the property. Her father does not let her get married so that the heritage remains in the family. Where Mohsin Abbas, plays the character of Haris, who is a poor man and wants to get settled in abroad. He wants to be rich, for that he can go to any extent. His mother wants him to get married so that he has a reason to come back. Saboor Ali plays a role of a poor girl as Jiya, who is living with her uncle and waiting for a miracle which will change her life. On demand of his mother, without being happy, Haris marries Jiya, which becomes another sorrow for her. Whereas, Jahan Aara, is finding an opportunity to marry somebody and co-incidentally meet Haris. She sets a deal of getting married, on the terms that she will give him a huge amount of money and can fulfill her wish of living in abroad, but in return, he has to be her life partner. To break Haris’ marriage, Jahan Aara’s stepbrother Ali, plays by Fahad Shaikh, creates a mess in Jiya’s life on his sister’s wish. What will happen in Jiya’s life? Will love win or money? Writer: Hina Aman Director: Ali Hassan Cast: Sawera Nadeem, as Jahan Aara Mohsin Abbas, as Haris Saboor Ali, as Jiya Fahad Shaikh, as Ali Qavi Khan, Shaheen Khan, Noor-ul-Hasan, Asma Abbas, Adnan Gabol, Amir Qureshi and Others. Watch “MERAAS ” Every Thursday at 9: 00 pm only on ARY Digital. Andriod App: IOS App.

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