Mastering Pool (Mika Immonen) Billiard Training Cue ball control by Thailand Pool Tables

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Mika 'the Iceman' Immonen reveals all in the world’s top selling series of instructional DVDs. Each volume is packed with tips, techniques and systems, easily making MASTERING POOL one of the most comprehensive billiards guides on the market today. Rich with intricate 3D animated diagrams, 42 unique lessons, and hours of special features, MASTERING POOL creates an enjoyable experience that will change your game forever.

เรียนการเล่นพูล และการควบคุมทิศทางกับ มิกะ อิมโมเนน

Frozen on the Rail - When the Cueball and Object ball are both on the rail there are different methods for pocketing the object ball. Tor walks you through different scenarios for both pocketing and playing shape on another ball. For more pool videos go to FREE 80 minutes secrets of pool video. Magician Efren Reyes! Top 5 Quickly And Highlight Macth =­= Help Us to Get 10. 000 Subscribers, PLEASE: ►►► ◄◄◄ =­= ➥Follow me: Google + ► Facebook ► If you see this video, please share them interesting for all the world to see! Thank you! ➥My Playlist: Efren Bata Reyes Best Shot Ever. Very Weird Ending Liam Highfield - Mark Williams UK Snooker Championship 2016. In this video 3 times World 8 Ball Pool Champion, Gareth Potts, explains what most amateurs do wrong when playing pool. He also goes on to explain how to go about lining up a shot properly, and then demonstrates this by taking a shot with his eyes shut. For more Gareth Potts pool coaching videos please visit: To visit the UK's leading games room retailer.

Meet Keith O'Dell, a bonafide pool playing prodigy. At just five years old, Keith pockets balls like a pro. The sport is in Keith's genes - his parents play pool, his grandparents play pool, the family even eats dinner on the pool table. His father says Keith was "born to play pool. " The question is, how will his incredible talent effect the life ahead of him? PRODIGIES is a bi-weekly series showcasing the youngest and brightest as they challenge themselves to reach new heights and the stories behind them. Created and produced by @radical. media, THNKR gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, places and thinking that will change your mind. Follow THNKR on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Check out our Pinterest. Some basic drills to help you control the cue ball. Includes 5 or more easy drills to help you master the game of pool. Related Videos: 1) Side spin shots: 2) How to get max backspin: 3) Squirt and Swerve on Cue Ball: 4) Top Spin Shots. In this Barry Stark Snooker Coach tutorial, Barry explains and demonstrates the technique for potting the object ball which is tight on the the cushion. He also mentions other influences to take into consideration.

Funny snooker moments of year 2017. Part 1 Outro Music: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree 0: 04 Ken Doherty's "Flog It" joke 0: 23 Barry Hawkins is walking! 0: 54 Referee doesn't know what maximum break is 1: 44 Barry Hawkins hand slips from the rest 2: 14 John Virgo speaks too loud 2: 46 John Higgins is doing Mark Allen's impression 3: 39 Ding Junghui overruns a position on 147 4: 14 Martin Gould is geting static 4: 36 Mark King is making fun with trouble situation with Shaun Murphy 5: 30 Unreal hit froma snooker by Ricky Walden 5: 58 Brown might go in! 6: 14 Mark Williams is going to use the pink like the cue ball 6: 26 Ronnie O'Sullivan is not moving in miss position 7: 34 Peter Ebdon is getting excited 7: 47 Liam Highfield caught the referee 8: 27 Ronnie O'Sullivan is trying to look at the position 8: 54 Anthony Hamilton's foul on a break off 9: 19 Anthony McGill: "Just as played! " 10: 01 Anthony McGill is defending from a fly 10: 11 Anthony McGill is proud 10: 34 Neil Robertson's shoes 10: 57 Kyren Wilson interesting shot 11: 08 Neil Robestson's wasted time 12: 08 Ronnie O'Sullivan and a woman 12: 51 Mark Selby and a microphone 13: 36 Kyren Wilson and his new way to make a bridge 13: 58 "Very interested" spectator.

Streamed and download versions of the DVDs are available for purchase here: Dr. Dave, Dean of the Billiard University (BU), covers Hot Tips and technique advice for how to do well in the break drill (S10) of BU Exam II (Skills). Learn how to add power to your break while maintaining consistency and accuracy. This is an excerpt from Disc III of the three-volume BU instructional DVD series.

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