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As you probably know, in recent years, architecture has moved far ahead, and people build more and more unusual houses that just blow our minds. Even if you live in an ordinary high-rise building, you should take a look at these architectural wonders. Sometimes it's impossible to believe that these buildings are not just someone's fantasy or some photoshopped picture, but they do exist in real life. So, in today's video we are gonna show you 10 most unusual buildings in the world

Carnival games are tons of fun. However, you better think twice when spending on these games, or you might end up getting played by them. Here are the top ten tricks carnivals wouldn't want you know! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: hello@beamazed Be Amazed at these tricks carnivals don't want you to know! Balloon tricks - Balloon dart throw is one of the most common games found in carnivals. In this game, you are given a set of darts to pop a balloon. The Duck Pond game - Popular amongst young children, the Duck Pond game is a carnival game that is literally impossible to lose. Free throw games not following standard setups - If you think your years of playing basketball will help you win at this popular carnival game, think again. At first glance, you may think there's nothing wrong with the setup. Tricky Tubs uses extra bouncy balls - Another popular carnival game, the goal of Tricky Tubs is to toss two balls into a tub with them staying there. Bottles in the Bottle Pyramid game - A common game found in most carnivals, the bottle pyramid attracts carnival attendees due to its relatively simple mechanics — throw a ball and knock over the stack of bottles in one go. Baseball toss radars measure lower speeds. If you want to test out your ability to throw high-speed pitches, the baseball toss game might help you determine if you are ready for the big leagues. Or not. Ring Toss games - If you're looking for a carnival game that nets you the best prizes, look no further than the ring toss game. Shoot the Star V. Newton's 3rd Law. If accuracy games are your thing, then 'Shoot the Star' is the game for you. The rope ladder is designed to make you lose. Another popular skill-based game is the rope ladder climb, in which you are tasked to reach the top of the ladder and ring the bell to win the prize. Carnival prizes are cheaper when bought online. Suppose you win that giant stuffed bear on your first try in any of these carnival games. Lucky for you, right? Apparently not.

Today we take a look at all the different homes owned by the top 10 richest people on earth. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Commentator. Some Great Paid Resources that i found on the internet to make your Life even Better: 1) Most definitely #1 resource on the Internet on Landscaping. Excellent Research, Amazing Ideas. Whoop Whoop there's a $70 Discount as well. Check it out here: 2) If you are looking to make Super Cool DIY Shed in the backyard of your Home, then do have a look at (Money Saving Tip: Close the Page and select "STAY" instead of "Leave" 3 consecutive times & you will get 5 Free instant Shed Plans & an additional $10 Discount) 3) Best Value For Money - The TOP Selling FENG SHUI resource in the World that billionaires use for realign their homes - available with a Discount of $30 + $50 Freebies on this link: Subscribers - Do watch & give Feedback on SlickUpYourLife's Latest Videos listed below in the description: Always Remember to THUMBS-UP and SHARE the Videos you LIKE: ) 1. HOW TO GEEK OUT YOUR KITCHEN INEXPENSIVELY - 2. 18 INSANE IDEAS FOR TINY APARTMENT SPACES - 3. BATHROOM REMODELLING IDEAS -.

Everyone loves their dog, but some people take it to the extreme. Here are 20 of the world's most luxurious dog houses. Subscribe to Talltanic #10 - The Standard Home This dog house is anything but standard. It features multiple windows, 60 square feet of space inside, air conditioning and a front porch light with its own dog controlled switch. The porch is made to replicate the owner’s, complete with flower pots on either side of the porch. It cost the owners $7, 200 to make their dog house feel like a home. #9 - Home on the Ranch This ranch style dog house is complete with its very own doggie swimming pool. The house has stone siding and bone decorations on the storm shutters, inside the same level of craftsmanship is used with the wooden floors, dog decals along the wallpaper, custom dog beds, and air conditioning. With the addition of the pool, this model will cost you $7, 500. #8 - Complete With a Hot Tub After some searching, we found this cabin style dog house on the Weather King’s website. The company that makes these spectacular dog houses is called J. C. Metal Building Sales. They first started by creating storage sheds, barns and lofted cabins. The are stationed in Deland, Florida and now make some of the best dog houses you could create. Each house can be customized with energy saving materials, AC, and other amenities. This model simply says price upon request, but since there are a deck and a hot tub, we think this pad is probably too pricey for our budget. #7 - A Georgetown Home Another great find from the world renowned artists at Beyond the Crate is the Georgetown dog house. The home is modeled after the homes in Georgetown. The amenities in this house are running water, heat, air conditioning, and lights. This one is slightly cheaper than other models with its price tag starting at only $10, 000. #6 - The Victorian This Victorian style dog house is spacious enough for three or four dogs to roam and have plenty of room. This dog house is a replica of the owner’s larger Victorian mansion. The owner commissioned the project after a large owl almost carried off one of her Pomeranians. The entire unit cost her a cool $20, 000, but it is large enough for her to hangout as well. #5 - The Brick Mansion This brick mansion design dog house is also completely customizable. The minds at Beyond the Crate are the proud designers of this luxurious piece. It has amenities like running water, lights, heat, and air conditioning. Living in the lap of luxury does cost a pretty penny, this model’s price tag starts at $25, 000. #4 - California Hills Living Beyond the Crate is the designer genius behind this extravagant home. It is called the Celebrity Hacienda Dog House and is modeled after some of the celebrity homes in the hills of California. This house is custom made with many different features to choose from such as running water, lights and air conditioning. The price reflects the different amenities you’ve had added, but this Californian mansion starts at $30, 000. #3 - The Taj Mahal This fancy dog house was clearly modeled after the famous palace, the Taj Mahal. It sets you back $40, 000 but giving man’s best friend the very best is the only thing on most pet owners’ minds, even if it costs a fortune. #2 - Paris Hilton’s Dog House Everyone knows this heiress gets exactly what she wants, including the most extravagant dog house for her many pups. The dogs reside in a two-story Italian style villa completed with roof tiles and wrought iron railings on the second-floor balcony. Inside you’ll find multiple dog beds, food and water stations, heat and air conditioning. Outside they have their own little fenced in yard complete with a tree to do their business. Money is certainly not something Paris worries about, which is probably why this dog mansion cost $325, 000, she spared no expense. #1 - Living in Luxury Each and every one of these dog houses is luxurious and pricey beyond compare. This dog house, however, takes the cake as being the most expensive dog house in the world. It was commissioned by a surgeon in England back in the beginning of 2008. It is for her two Great Danes and costs just over $417, 000. It includes everything you could image from sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a 52-inch plasma screen tv, a $250, 000 sound system to automatic dispensers, a saline treatment spa bath, and a retina scanner to keep out the common riff-raff.

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