Elephant Attacks Car - 27 October 2012 - Latest Sightings

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Beschreibung: Please remember they are a wild animal and they require respect, otherwise you can be in great danger.

This is unbelievable footage of a young angry and agressive teenage bull elephant getting angry at a car and attacks it, actually hitting the car.
After the recent footage of the elephant that turned over a car, these elephants are really getting aggressive.
Let's hope it stops.

Sighting was filmed south of Skukuza in the Kruger National Park in South Africa

Video by: Bbraham1

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Elephant come right up to the land rover and bumps it! All in Olifants West Nature Reserve. thinks what to do with our car. October 18, 2012. Elephant does not want Tourists to Pass! This close up Elephant encounter happened at Kruger National Park. "We were on our way back to Camp but around the middle of the way we found an Elephant that would not let us pass, it was a long time playing (or fighting) with us. He is very intelligent and when he saw that we were going to move the car, he would go ahead and not let us pass. It was beautiful, it was exciting. What an adventure. " - Video Taker: For Professional Safaris, Tours and Guided Day and Night Drives - CLICK HERE: a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor. Kruger National Park Accommodation Here: View and Subscribe to our Youtube Video Channel Here: This Kruger National Park Video is protected by ©Copyright: Kruger National Park Safaris and Accommodation. Facebook Page: Twitter: Google+ Places: Kruger National Park - Best Videos - Playlist Video Contributor: Sabrina a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor. You can read more about African Elephant facts here: Close Up Elephant Encounter! Elephant does not want Tourists to Pass!

During a safari with Namibia Exclusive's Sorris Sorris Lodge in Damaraland, last week, we encountered this very curious young elephant male! Watch until the end to see it come up close to one of our guests sitting inside the car. Elephant cow attacked our car to protect her calf. Very scary. Filmed in The Kruger National Park, South Africa. This elephant attacked us while filming from my car in Kruger. Be careful when you encounter elephant with their young, they will protect them with their life. Adventures in Africa: go to. Addo Elephant National Park. Killer Whales vs. Fin Whale. In this rare event, a pod of killer whales hunt and kill a large fin whale. Most the time the fin whales anti-predatory defense strategy keeps it safe, but this time it falls prey to the pod. Witness this spectacular predatory event captured by The One Baja in the Gulf of California. Footage © The One Baja References: John K. B. Ford and Randall R. Reeves. (2008). Fight or flight: antipredator strategies of baleen whales. Mammal Review. Volume 38. Issue 1. DOI: 10. 1111 j. 1365-2907. 2008. 00118. x Music: Intro: Brett Donnelly - Action Sting Soundtrack: Bread Headz - Morning Wood.

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