14 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

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Beschreibung: Have you heard of the ways which go through the clouds? Here are the 14 most incredible and dangerous roads in the world! They leave people driving on them breathless and terrified...

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Check out the most terrifying rides in the world! This top 10 list of scariest and craziest roller coasters around the world feature some of the most amazing amusement parks on earth! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "Most CRAZY Things Ancient Egyptians Did! " video here: Watch our "Most CRAZY Things Ancient Greeks Did! " video here: Watch our "REAL Evidence That Aliens EXIST! " video here: 16. The Cannonball Loop, USA Assembled in the 1980’s the Cannonball Loop looks like something created from an unhinged mind. The Cannonball was a giant water tube that sent riders sliding through a full 360-degree loop. It enjoyed a brief life of just one month in the summer of 1985 at the now-defunct Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey. The park was shut down in 1996. Action Park was renamed Accident Park and Class Action park because of all the accidents they had. They reopened in 2014 and are now trying to bring back the Cannonball Loop. Very few people got to ride the original but there were rumors that the test dummies came out with missing limbs! Riders couldn’t go through the loop and ended up falling straight to the bottom. 15. Eejanaika, Japan I don’t know what the name of this ride means but I wouldn’t be surprised if it translates to something like ‘OMG there is no way I am getting on this ride’. This is the 2nd fourth-dimensional coaster in the world. A fourth dimension roller coaster is a type of steel coaster where riders are rotated independently of the orientation of the track. There are a few differences from the first 4-D coaster. The track is longer and the height is a bit taller at 250 feet. When it comes to height, this ride is the 7th tallest in the world. Riders can also grab a quick and short view of Mount Fuji once they reach the top, but that doesn’t last for long. 14. Expedition Geforce, Germany This happens to be one of the largest roller coasters in all of Europe. Expedition Geforce at the Holiday Park in Habloch, is also one of the most satisfying rollercoasters because the track is extremely long. It has an 82 degree first drop and travels up to 120kmh (75mph) which is about as fast as you can drive on a highway. This ride has seven times where riders feel as if they are flying and that their weight has vanished, a phenomenon known as zero gravity. It is a serious ride for those of you who love an adrenaline rush! 13. Tower of Terror II, Australia The Tower of Terror at Dreamworld Gold Coast Australia is the 4th fastest ride in the world at around 100 miles an hour. It takes riders to a height of 38 stories and then they are in for a zero gravity drop that lasts about 6. 5 seconds. In 2010 the original Tower of Terror was changed to Tower of Terror II and the riders were changed so that they faced upside down. 12. Kingda Ka, New Jersey This happens to be the father of all the roller coasters in the world. Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, riders are taken up around 456 feet; that is about a 45-story-tall building. How they reach that height is another exciting story. They are launched by a catapult, which accelerates the coaster to 128 miles an hour in just 3. 5 seconds. While going down, there is a 270-foot spiral as well. Imagine the thrust it would produce. If you go on this ride, you will experience both negative and positive G Force so brace yourselves and get ready for your face to get destroyed. 11. Colossus, United Kingdom The Colossus in Thorpe Park in Surrey is perhaps the scariest ride in all of United Kingdom. It was built in 2002 and it holds the record for the highest number of inversions, which amounts to a total of ten. An exact replica of this ride was built in China in 2006. In 2016, the Colossus offered a new terror, courtesy of one of its riders. Someone decided to ignore restrictions about keeping all arms and legs to himself and stuck his leg out. Staff stopped the ride after noticing the offense via CCTV. Unfortunately, they had to stop the ride near the very top so everyone had to walk down the steep stairs along the side of the track. Luckily no one was actually injured. 10. Insanity Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas If you think that for a ride to be scary, it has to be a rollercoaster, you are wrong. Go to the top of the tower and take this ride; it will blow you away. It extends around 64 feet over the north edge and it spins at around 40 miles an hour. Riders face the ground at an angle of 70 degrees. That might not sound scary but riders hang 900 feet above the ground. I’ll pass on this one! 9. Fahrenheit Hershey Park, Pennsylvania This particular ride opened up in Hershey, Pennsylvania USA in 2008. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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