The Jealous Little Sister!

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Date: 2016.01.05

Beschreibung: Thanks for watching Tommy and Liberty's video this week! For a chance to get a possible shoutout in their next weeks video, comment down below one of your New Year's Resolutions.

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Lyla is forced to sort through her toys and finds a Genie's Lamp! Julia the Doll Genie grants Lyla 3 wishes but will she get what she really wants? Music by Kevin MacLeod. Alexis is given the almost impossible mission of getting her sister to eat a vegetable! Music by Kevin MacLeod: On The Ground, A Mission, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys. Tommy and Liberty make a few awesome crafts from old t-shirts! The supplies are things you probably have in your home. To get a possible shoutout in thier video next week, comment down below which of these crafts is your favorite! You can see Tommy and Liberty every Tuesday on SevenAwesomeKids! Music By Kevin Macleod. Thanks for watching Tommy and Liberty's video this week on SevenAwesomeKids! This weeks theme was "Spy" so, Libby sets up spy cams to spy on her babysitter! If you would like a possible shoutout in their next weeks video, comment down below a time when you spied on someone! Music By: Kevin MacLeod 1) Harlequin 2)Investigations 3)Happy Game Show 4)Sneaky Adventure 5)Funkorama.

Lilly's life as a Cheerlebrity! THIS IS JUST A SKIT Music by Kevin Macloed. In this week's video, Hannah needs a babysitter to make sure she eats a good dinner, doesn't make any messes, goes to bed on time, and doesn't get hurt. The babysitter her mother hires for the evening not only acts strange, but also does many unexpected things with Hannah. Will Hannah learn to like her new babysitter, or will the babysitter's unexpected ways drive Hannah crazy? This week's theme on SevenAwesomeKids (SAK) is "Strange & Unexpected. " For a chance to get a shout out in next week's video, comment down below if you have ever had a strange babysitter, and if so, what was strange about the babysitter? Thanks for watching and have a wonderful Wednesday! See you next week! Bye: ): ) ~Angela and Hannah Music By Kevin MacLeod: "Breaktime" "Five Card Shuffle" "Royal Banana". This week, Emma is really excited to share with you some of her Christmas presents she received in 2017 and a give you a room tour! This Week's theme on SevenAwesomeKids is "Freestyle! " Music By Kevin Macleod.

Hey Guys - it's TACO Tuesday! This week's theme on SAK is "Josie and the pink ___. " Josie happened to get a pink camera for Christmas this year, but she finds out that using it can be tricky! Check out what happens when Nerdy Nicki and Josie have another sleepover and use the pink camera! Thanks for watching - have a Totally Awesome Cool Outstanding Tuesday! Byyyyeeeeee! We are testing cat toys and electric cat gadgets on our kitten. Which toy or gadget will win our cat's attention? Let us know which toy your cat likes to play with, because out cat thinks they are all boring! The cat laser pointer doesn't grab his attention: ( The mechanical mouse toys are not very realistic and our cat is not chasing the mice. The best one seems to be the ball on the track, but nothing beats the mouse on a string. The cheapest cat toy is still the best. Thanks for watching! OUR NEW MERCH: Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video! Karina's Instagram: gamergirl_karina Ronald's Instagram: ronaldyoutuber Facebook: We LOVE you guys!

Teddie is sick of getting told on and blamed by her older sister, so she decides to get back at her with a prank - the autocorrect prank! Watch to see how it turns out. Thanks for Watching! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Harlequin, Thinking Music, Professor Umlaut, Hidden Agenda, The Cannery, Chee Zee Lab.

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