An Easy Way to Get Precision English in Billiards and Pool - Part 1 - Center English

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Available in Thailand from Thailand Pool Tables: Mika 'the Iceman' Immonen reveals all in the world’s top selling series of instructional DVDs. Each volume is packed with tips, techniques and systems, easily making MASTERING POOL one of the most comprehensive billiards guides on the market today. Rich with intricate 3D animated diagrams, 42 unique lessons, and hours of special features, MASTERING POOL creates an enjoyable experience that will change your game forever. เรียนการเล่นพูล และการควบคุมทิศทางกับ มิกะ อิมโมเนน. How to Curve a pool ball! Dr. Dave demonstrates various kick and bank shots where it is necessary to change the CB’s rebound angle and path with speed and spin. For demonstrations showing a banked ball bending short, see. In this video Barry looks at cue positioning and where to aim when playing with side. As an example to demonstrate this, he uses reverse side when potting the black from its spot and screwing back off the cushion rail (a difficult shot). Only experience and practice will teach you where and how to hit the ball. This topic has been similarly covered in another of Barry's videos called 'Using side - Experience will teach you'.

I'm here to show you a simple way for you to figure out exactly what kind of English you should use to hit a ball in pool. If you're a beginner, you'll often try to figure out exactly what kind of English is best for each shot. You really don't need to figure out any of this stuff! There's a much easier way. Basically, if you don't know where the cue ball is going to go yet, all you have to do is position yourself behind the cue ball. You already know it's going to hit the rail, or somewhere in it's vicinity. Just get behind the ball and you can see, if you hit it on the right side, it's going to go to the right. If you hit it on the left side, it'll go to the left. It doesn't matter what I'm doing with the shot. If I know it's going to hit that rail, and I hit this cue ball on the right, it's going to come back on the right. The biggest thing is to understand where the cue ball is going to go. Instead of trying to figure it out with your hands, just look directly at the rail where it's going to hit. You'll see which side you want it to go to so just hit it on that side. Simple.

Streamed and download versions of the DVDs are available for purchase here: Excerpt from Disc I of the "How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" instructional DVD series by "Dr. Dave" Alciatore" and Bob Jewett. This clip covers how to use "gearing" outside english (sidespin) to eliminate cut-induced throw (CIT). Streamed and download versions of the DVDs are available for purchase here: Excerpt from Disc III of the "How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" instructional DVD series by "Dr. Dave" Alciatore" and Bob Jewett. This clip covers how to use the 1 3-more-than-twice system to aim fast-speed bank shots. When you're ready to improve your stroke EVEN MORE than you can using this trick, click the link above to see our new product: The Stroke Straightener. As you may already have guessed from the title of this video, today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to straighten your stroke. To do this, we're going to use a "highly specialized" tool called the "Billiards and Darts Direct $2 Stroke-Straightener". Yep, it's just a beer bottle: ) So, take this beer bottle (make sure it's empty and cleaned out) and place it on your pool table. We're going to take our cue and line up on it. And we're going to stroke through the beer bottle, being careful NOT to hit the sidewalls. It's very easy to determine if you're hitting the sidewalls since the beer bottle will move if you do. Or you'll be able to hear it slide against it. You want to go in and our of the bottle without ever touching it. Use BIG strokes. After you've gotten that technique down, it's time to advance to the next stage in this process: stepping into the shot. You'll want to be able to step into the shot like you're actually playing it and line up on it so you're perfectly aligned with that beer bottle. You should be able to stroke in and out of it without hitting it. After you master that technique, your stroke will be much straighter!

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