Brazilian Prank Mirror - reflectionless (subtitles in english)

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Date: 2013.05.12

Beschreibung: Amazing joke no reflection in the mirror . With subtitles in english.
Brazilian tv show Programa Silvio Santos.

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Sometimes we go into an elevator and tell each other stupid stories and laugh loud! SUBSCRIBE TO JACK► SUBSCRIBE TO CHRISTIAN► FOLLOW ME! Twitter► Facebook► Instagram► Vine►. dont forget to like and share the video. A tourist makes the un-laughable Cute English Royal Guard to burst out Laughing, at Buckingham Palace in London(SUBTITLES BELOW) CAMERA GUY (CG) yeh you’re allowed to go right up to him, yeh Just can’t touch him YANKEL: were in this thing together right? CG: A little closer YANKEL: we were together in school me & him, he went his own way Just standing here I’m only here for a couple minutes CG: so how long do you know this man? YANKEL: 30 years CG: 30 years you’ve been together, & you’ve been to school where? YANKEL: school? Kensington CG: you’ve been to Kensington together & eh did you learn martial arts together? YANKEL: yes I don’t have this nice sword! He was never talkative I remember in school he used to sit by himself & read books, i was just this guy fooling around & having fun, he was just reading, you’d ask him questions he would answer with his head, yeh no yeh no, what’s your name no, what! it’s not a name shake of a head is not a name, please say your name & by recess you know he’s just this guy hanging out, him his mother always picked him up from school, you know he’s that type of guy until he was 20 his mother picked him up from school CG: Yankel Yankel dance for the camera Yankel dance for the camera YANKEL: uh now he’s walking.

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