Faraz Farooqui And Hammad Farooqui Reception Ceremony

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Beschreibung: Pakistani Twin Actors Faraz Farooqui And Hammad Farooqui wedding Reception (Valima ) Ceremony

Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani TV actress and model Got Married to Model Usman Patel. Must see Actor Faraz Farooqui’s wedding pictures on the spot, unseen pic of Actor Faraz Farooqui wedding, don't missing the wedding moment of actor Faraz Farooqui. Amanat Ali And Sarah Amanat Ali Blessed With Baby Girl. Faizan Shaikh And Maham Aamir Nikkah Ceremony. Actor Faraz Farooqui wedding pictures. Bismillah Karan Produced by: EBM Studios Story by: Farhan Mustafa Kristina In association with EBM Photography 732. 470. 0033 EBMstudios. Alizeh Tahir Aziz Got Nikah with Arsalan. Pakistani Drama Actor Haddy Firdousi got Nikkah with Vasia Fatima. Fatima Effendi And Kanwar Arsalan Celebrating Their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Junaid Jamshed Son Babur Junaid Got Nikkah With Mahnoor Ghaznavi.

Sarwat Gillani With Her Cute Son Araiz Muhammad Mirza. Twin Brothers Hammad Farooqui and Faraz Farooqui Got Married. Blue Horse, very fast source of entertainment news. First Look Of Ayeza Khan Son Muhammad Rayan Taimoor. Ayaz Samoo is a Pakistani actor, model, VJ, standup comedian, host, writer and producer. Actor Ayaz Samoo got marriage. must Wear headphone to enjoy the music thank you for watching Please subscribe my channel for more videos like this. Pakistani Drama Actor Faraz Farooqui Wedding Ceremony. Twin Brothers Hammad & Faraz Farooqui Walima Event Pictures Twin Brothers Hammad Farooqui and Faraz Farooqui Got Married Faraz Farooqui with his Beautiful Wife at their Valima Ceremony Faraz Farooqi and Hammad Farooqi with their Beautiful Brides Actor Faraz Farooqui’s wedding pictures on the spot Faraz Farooqui wedding Ceremony pictures Faraz Farooqui’s is a Pakistani drama actor. He has worked in numerous popular drama serials in Pakistan and his role is a based on the couple, brother and a son. He is a twin brother of Hammad Farooqi. They both are very handsome and renowned in Pakistan. Faraz Farooqi has played different roles on screen including negative, romantic, serious etc. He has shared screen with many top actors and actresses of Pakistan television industry. Faraz Farooqi has been part of many hit TV serials such as ‘Beti To Main Bhi Hun’ of Urdu 1 and ‘Ma Bare Farokht Hun’ of PTV Home. Hammad Farooqui and Faraz Farooqui both are very handsome and talented Pakistani Television actors. They belong from Karachi and worked in many dramas of Pakistan. Recently both Hammad and Faraz got married. Faraz Farooqi is one of the rising stars of Pakistan media Industry. He is the twin brother of prominent award-winning actor character Hammad Farooqi. Faraz was born in Karachi city and he finished studies from the same city. He has likewise invested some energy in UK too to get proficient experience as a performing artist. Faraz and his sibling Hammad are identical twins. They show up as guests in many syndicated shows and they also go to showbiz fub=nctions together. Hammad joined showbiz field in 2010 through a move reality show of Pakistan ‘Nachley’ disclosed on ARY Digital and later Faraz took after his strides and turned into a star of the showbiz world. Faraz began his showbiz profession as a model. He showed up on TV without precedent for advertisements. Faraz has done numerous photo shoots as a model. He has worked in numerous TV adds including Telenor. Faraz began the acting profession as a supporting performer. He assumed minor parts in numerous TV serials toward the begin of his vocation. Faraz came into the spotlight in 2016 by his part in TV serial ‘Unimportant Baba Ki Ounchi Haveli’ disclosed on ARY Zindagi. His acting in this serial got immense acclaim and Faraz ended up noticeably well known as a performing artist. Hammad Farooqi is a promising and talented performer and also model of Pakistan. He is buckling down nowadays to win more notoriety in showbiz. Hammad was born in Karachi city and he finished his education in the same city. He joined showbiz in a very young afe. Hammad shows up as a guest in many TV shows with his twin sibling Faraz. They additionally go to numerous showbiz occasions together. Hammad Farooqi began his showbiz profession in 2010 through a move reality show of Pakistan ‘Nachley’ publicized on ARY Digital. He was one of the runner-ups of the show. Hammad has acted in many hit TV serials of various channels. He has assumed adaptable parts on screen, for example, negative, comic, sentimental and genuine ones. Hammad has imparted screen to top TV on-screen characters of Pakistan media business. Hammad is additionally a dashing model. He has done numerous photo shoots as a model. Hammad has worked in TV ads as well. Recently, both the brother got married. They shared their pictures with their beautiful brides. Here we have got their pictures of the reception. Both couples are looking extraordinarily beautiful. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (.

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