Most INCREDIBLE Weather Proof Homes

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Beschreibung: You could live in the safest country or neighborhood in the world, but sometimes outer forces may require a little more than that. No matter if the world outside is crumbling due to extreme weather or any other event, here’s a few of the safest homes to be in when it rains, floods, storms, or for when you need a house to hide in while society rebuilds itself.

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6. The Mysterious Cabin in Iceland
In an archipelago off the coast of Iceland, you’ll find this solitary house on the island of Elliðaey. You can barely see it in photos since the land around this little white house is an expansive green. The island itself has an interesting history, with 5 families inhabiting the area about 300 years ago. By the mid 20th century, most of the residents left, though this house you see was built in 1953 by the Elliðaey Hunting Association and was meant to be a hunting lodge. There was talk once that it belonged to Björk though that turned out to just be hearsay. If you need a place to runaway to should society collapse into itself, this zero population island may be the perfect place to hideout.

5. The Tsunami House
Architecture company Designs Northwest came up with the design and then built a house that they say would be able to make it through the most extreme weather. They ended making The Tsunami House. The house itself measures at 3,149 meters squared. The main level has an area of 887 square feet and was made to be 5 feet above the grade so that the foundations could stay intact if strong Tsunami waves make it to shore. The lower level was made with walls that can break away if a storm came. While being so sturdy, the architects also made sure that the durable materials would also require very little maintenance.

4. No Flooding In The Floodplain
Being near the Mississippi is a known place for its excessive flooding. And so those that live and work in the area know the risks involved when it comes to the floodplains. During flooding season, everything can get submerged in water. However, there are a few homes in the area that have their own levees that surround the properties, like this house in Vicksburg, Mississippi which keeps the water from affecting the land and home. This photo was taken in 2011, where the water reached 56.3 feet high.

3.The Dome Of A Home
We’ve already talked about how dome houses seem to be some of the smartest kind of housing there is when it comes to disaster-proof homes. And this house on Pensacola Beach, Florida can attest to that claim. Known as Dome of a Home, this monolithic dome home has made appearances on TV and is available for rent. It got famous not only for its strange design, but also for its durability. See, hurricanes have hit the area loads since the building of this house and it seems the building stayed standing while the other homes around it had been damaged due to the weather conditions.

2. Through Wind And Fire
It may not look like much, but this house on Cusabo Island South Carolina was made to make through different kinds of disasters. The house measures at 3,888 square feet and sits on a raised foundation. The house’s design came from the innovation of Woollen Studio, a Seattle-based company. Parky City built the house, which more than meets the requirements for FEMA’s flood zone rules. The steel structure and steel exterior helps it stay fire resistant and able to endure winds that can reach 140 miles per hour. It also has insulated storm doors and shutters so as to retain heat and minimize temperature drop. As for that raised foundation? It’s height does not allow for floods to affect the house.

1. The Safe House
And then we come to number one, the safest house of all these safe houses. Actually named The Safe House, architect Robert Konieczny built the house to be able to withstand all sorts of disasters, natural or societal. It’s been hailed the safest house you can be in the event of a zombie apocalypse and was completed in 2011. The house, located in Warsaw, Poland, can transform form this more open housing area to a boxed in fortress. The walls can automatically slide back into the house. The windows get covered with huge blocks and a huge screen covers the glass windows and doors.

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