10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Beschreibung: 10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist
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This world is not free of wonders. That goes the same to human beings living around us. Everything in our world is special and unique - diversity is everywhere. But there are people who stand out more than other people. Today we will talk about 10 people you won’t believe actually exist.

10. Yu Zhenhuan – This man comes from the northern Chinese province of Liaoning. He has hair that covers 96 per cent of his body because of a rare hormone imbalance. This makes Yu the hairiest man on the Earth. Yu’s excess body hair is all over his body except for two places; his palms, and soles of his feet.

9. Helmut Strebl - This 49-year-old Austrian bodybuilder is so ripped he regularly goes viral across social media and is regarded by many as the most shredded guy alive. Helmut is quite literally ripped to the bone, his low body fat percentage, which is only 3%, is a true testament to what can be achieved with years of hard work and dedication.
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8. Tran Van Hay – Although he never got his hair officially measured and acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records, Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay was known as the man with the longest hair in the world. For nearly 50 years, he’d kept his head hidden from view.

7. Ekaterina Lisina – The Russian model, who is 6feet 9inches tall, is already known in her hometown of Penza, Russia, for having the biggest feet for a woman. Ekaterina also has two Guinness records to her name having also been crowned the world’s tallest model whose legs measure 132 centimeters, or 52 inches.
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6. Nikita Tkachuk – This Russian body builder is fairly new on the scene. His massive size has everyone saying that his muscles are nothing but synthol which is an alcohol oil combination that artificially inflates your muscles.

5. Skye Broberg – Also known as Skye Circus, is a five time Guinness World Record Holder in Contortion and has travelled around the world performing on television, street and stage. Her act includes squeezing herself through rings and performing bone and ligament defying stunts in her tiny glass prison.

4. Michele Kobke - 24-year-old Michele Kobke made headlines in 2013 due to her tiny 16-inch waist. However, she wasn’t born this way, but instead chose to modify her body. By sleeping in a corset every night for 3 years she reduced her waist by 9 inches.

3. Nick Stoeberl - There is one guy in Santa Cruz who Miley Cyrus would probably like to snap a selfie with for her signature face pose, and that would be Nick Stoeberl. Nick has the longest tongue in the world and was added to the Guinness World Records 2015 book and still currently holds that record.

2. Thái Ngọc - a Vietnamese farmer born in 1942, Thai has claimed he has been awake One day in 1973, this life-long farmer came down with a fever. Since then he has been unable to sleep a wink. That would be 43 years without sleeping at all. But it’s not for a lack of trying.

1. Dean Karnazes – is known as the man who can run forever. In fact, he has been able to run for three days and nights without stopping. Karnazes has completed some of the toughest endurance events on the planet, from a marathon to the South Pole in temperatures of -25C to the legendary Marathon des Sables, but in his entire life he has never experienced any form of muscle burn or cramp, even during runs exceeding 100 miles.

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